Roof Consulting Services

In addition to roof consulting services, WRECORP performs leak testing, forensic tests, core samples, asbestos testing, foam compression testing, investigations/litigations, architect approved designs, engineering reports, exterior wall weatherization reports and designs, infrared thermal imaging and moisture scans. 

We utilize an online asset management system. This allows clients to keep track of their assets and warranties online. WRECORP enters assessment information into the database and the client has online access to view roof inventory, roof drawings, budget forecast reports, work history, expenditures, inspection reports, assessment reports, leak history, project tracking and warranties.

Roof Consulting



To start, WRECORP obtains needed information by visiting a project site and completing an assessment. This information is used to provide a recommendation of what needs to be done with the roof system.


WRECORP provides roof design including the creation of a scope of work, specifications, construction details and bid documents for the client to put the project out to bid.  A pre-bid meeting is conducted to go over bid details and WRECORP assists the client with the review of bids if requested. 


Once a contractor is chosen by the client, WRECORP sets up a pre-roofing meeting on-site to go over the project and staging with the contractor and owner prior to the start of construction.


During the construction process, quality-assurance monitoring site visits are conducted throughout the entire project to monitor the project status, confirm contract conditions/ requirements of the scope of work, specification and details are being completed.


At the close of the project a punch list inspection is completed to list any deficiencies or modifications that still need to be completed in order to finalize/close out the project. A close out inspection is conducted to make sure all of the punch list items listed for correction/ completion are complete and to close out the project as 100% done and warranties have been received.

The inspection/assessment/evaluation is the first phase of all roof consulting projects. Our industry trained experts will perform an all-inclusive inspection which results in an extensive report. The purpose of this report is to help you understand every facet of your roofing system and identify any possible issues, whether major or minor. The report allows us to provide you with unbiased recommendations on how to maintain, restore or replace the existing roof and approximate budgets for the recommended actions. 

WRECORP obtains necessary information by visiting the project site and completing an assessment of the current roof type. Assessments include evaluation of the following:

  • Age of current roof system
  • Type of existing roof
  • Slope of roof
  • Height of roof
  • Current roof condition and compliance
  • Drainage condition
  • Parapet wall condition
  • Coping condition
  • Expansion joint condition
  • Compliance of roof top equipment and penetration
  • Compliance of flashing condition 
  • Current leaks
  • History of leaks

Core Samples are taken per roof section to determine roof core layers, system sustainability, and life expectancy by examining the samples layers. CADs are created to provide identification, square footage and a footprint layout of the roof sections. With this information, we are able to determine:

  • All available options for needed repairs, restoration or replacement along with advantage comparisons for each.
  • Priority sequences if multiple task are required.
  • Budgets for future management including an outline of the cost vs. benefit.
Roof Core Sample

Written recommendations are provided to outline the requirements to provide a functioning roof system. Recommendation to repair, restore or replace the roof system will be made.

Repair: The existing system is currently in good shape but repairs to certain areas are needed to maintain the performance of the roof and prevent a roof failure.

Restoration: The existing system is currently in fair condition but can be repaired and restored to a new roof status by making repairs and restoring the roof with coatings to prevent roof failure and extend the life of the existing roof.

Replace: The existing roof is in poor condition and needs to be replaced to ensure the integrity of the structure.

Requirements needed for trades other than roofing including:

  • Mechanical (HVAC units, cooler towers, etc.)
  • Electrical (Junction boxes, electrical lines, etc.)
  • Plumbing (plumbing, drains, drain lines, etc.)
  • Communication (phone and internet lines, etc.)
  • Solar (solar panels)
  • Approximate budget for recommendations

If a new roof restoration or major roof maintenance is needed, the process to move forward can be overwhelming, maybe even risky, if you do not have an industry trained expert on your team. Allowing WRECORP to assist and help manage this part of the project ensures your roof construction will progress smoothly and successfully.

WRECORP provides design for recommended repairs, restorations and replacements by creating a scope of work, specification and construction details. Designs and specifications can be architecturally stamped if required and engineering reports created when required. The following items are included in a Phase II report:

SCOPE OF WORK – Description of work to be performed.

SPECIFICATION – Detailed description of requirements, design, standard of workmanship and materials for the project.

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS – Detail drawings of roof construction design elements.

NOTICE TO BIDDER – A notice to describe project location and basic scope of work with a pre-bid meeting date, bid due date and instructions for bidding on the project.

INSTRUCTION TO BIDDERS – Detailed instruction to bidders to comply with the bid requirements.

CONDITIONS OF THE CONSTRUCTION CONTRACT – Explanation of the required conditions of the construction contract.

PRE-BID QUESTION FORM – Question form to complete if the parties have any questions about the bid documents.

BID FORM – Required form to be used by the contractor to provide bid information such as bid price and line item costs.

REQUEST FOR INFORMATION OR INTERPRETATION – Form used by the contractor to ask for additional information or interpretation regarding the project.

ADDENDUM – Information to add, clarify, modify or support the original bid documents.

These documents focus primarily on managing the following concerns:

  1. If multiple contractor bids are required, will all bids be exact in nature to ensure all bidders are offering the same products and services?
  2. How will items such as roof mounted equipment, drains, penetrations and base flashings be handled?
  3. What measures must be taken to create positive drainage?
  4. Ensuring all contractors are expertly qualified and able to provide long term support.

In order for the roofing company to be able to provide a proper bid, all documents included in Phase II must be thoroughly detailed and accurate. The information must also be prepared with the client’s best interests in mind versus the interest of those bidding on the job. This is where WRECORP acts as your trusted advisor. Our only interest is what is best for you, your investment and protecting you in the long term. 

WRECORP team members are regularly trained and certified in both manufacturers’ products as well as new technologies and methods. This means we understand which options offer the greatest value for you as the client. With WRECORP on your side, you never have to worry about making a bad decision.

WRECORP provides construction administration and monitoring to ensure several things: that all parties understand the project details, that quality assurance is maintained and the project is completed to the contract required standards. Even the best designed roofing systems will fail if they are not installed properly, which is why it’s critical to have an industry trained professional to oversee the construction process. 

Construction administration is achieved with the following…

PRE-BID MEETING – Meeting at site location to ensure that all parties understand the project requirements and go over project details prior to bidding.

PRE-ROOFING MEETING – Meeting with all parties to go over details, review project documents and setup at the project site.

ATTENDING OWNER’S MEETINGS – Meeting with the client may be requested/necessary for the following reasons; scheduling, unforeseen conditions, coordination of involved parties, etc.

QUALITY ASSURANCE MONITORING – Site visits to provide quality assurance monitoring to report current conditions and project status. This ensures your roof installation is in compliance with all previously manufacturers’ requirements, specifications, building codes and roofing standards.

PUNCH LIST INSPECTION – Site inspection to identify any items that need to be corrected/completed at the time of project completion.

CLOSE OUT INSPECTION – Verification that all punch list items (items to be corrected/completed) are complete and the project is 100% finished, warranties have been received and closed out.

Benefits of ongoing construction monitoring include…

  1. Confirmation that bid specified materials are being used and that they are being properly stored during the construction process, ensuring the highest quality of construction and workmanship possible.
  2. Verifying that construction methods comply with industry standards and warranty guidelines.
  3. Overall peace of mind knowing that the construction of your roof, your investment, is being overseen and managed by an industry trained professional committed.

We offer different levels of Quality Assurance Programs as the needs of each project and client are different. We will recommend the program that will work best for your roof construction project.


ARCHITECTURE – Stamped designs and specifications.

STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING – Engineering reports regarding structural status.

ASBESTOS INSPECTION – Inspection Reports completed by AHERA-Certified Building Inspector to determine if asbestos is present.

INFRARED THERMAL IMAGING – Moisture scans to determine if moisture is present.

LEAK TESTING – Water tests to determine presence and/or location of leaks.

FOAM COMPRESSION TESTING – Evaluation of foam product to determine compression strength and ability to support weight, pressure and load limit.

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